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This series contains 100 images from my daily drawing practice (Oct '22 ➡ Jan '23).


Bundle of four 11" x 17" prints

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Drawing Series (set)

4 x original prints
11" x 17" / each

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Printed on 100 lb cardstock (thick, semi-flexible paper). Matte finish. Color.

Numbered and signed.


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Why I made this

How I did this project 👇

141: Drawings - Retrospective
What I learned from 100 days of drawing.

A mix of sequential visual artifacts from a specific period in time.

In four different styles :

Day 1-25 Still life studies (blue)
Day 26-50 Rapid continuous lines (blue)
Day 51-75 World Cup (yellow)
Day 76-100 Asanas (pink)

Give them away as gifts, hang them on your walls, post them in public spaces etc.

Use / share as you wish!


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