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What is this place?

What is this place?


The Fire Jar is a multimedia playground with drawings, fun thought experiments, questions, and interactive prompts. It explores creativity, movement, and learning.

It's made by Jeremy Finch
With many collaborators.

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You'll find an refreshing mix of creative kindling here. In bite-sized, visual formats. It's designed for anyone who seeks to reflect, move, create, pause, or try something new.

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Here's The Fire Jar origin story.

Motivations: I started this blog because I like making things, and because I sought a creative accountability mechanism. It's been a fun way to create, get feedback, connect, and make some friends.

My thoughts after 100 weeks.

First time visitor?

🔽 Some suggestions 🔽

Invest in a self-care week.
Try these reflection / growth exercises.
Try this a self-paced drawing course.

Alternatively :
Listen to some animated beats.
Ponder a paradox.
Review the user manual for your brain.
Listen to a playlist (one / two).
Learn how I make these graphics.

Check out these TV reviews :
Battlestar Galactica / Enlightened

Questions I'm continually drawn to:

081: Reader Mailbag (VIII)
Crowdsourced responses re: timeless knowledge.
082: Reader Mailbag (IX)
Crowdsourced responses re: movement.
083: Reader Mailbag (X)
Crowdsourced responses re: creative practice.

Here are your reader mailbags.
I appreciate the thoughtful reponses!

Core operating principles

Honor your time, trust, and brain-space.
Ask for feedback, regularly. Listen.
Mind-body, big-small, serious-silly etc.

Meta - The Fire Jar
A ~quarterly reflection on process.

Join 285+ other readers :

A wonderful stimulant, challenging me to break out of routine thoughts, expectations, habits."
I think I need to start unsubscribing from more things so that TFJ can be a bigger percentage of my inbox."


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