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This is a curated playground with drawings, movement, and misc shower thoughts.

A home for comics, exercise ideas, fun thought experiments, and interactive prompts.

Created by Jeremy Finch.

With many collaborators!

Here, you'll find an array of creative kindling for the mind, body, and spirit.

Small opportunities to move, slow down, create, connect, and reflect.

Bite-sized surprises :

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Where to start?

Enroll in a drawing course

Make time for analog fun

Write and reflect, to music

Explore some self-care prompts

Plan ahead or set a reminder


Movement - The Fire Jar
Dance, exercise, sports, yoga, physical practice etc.
Mailbag - The Fire Jar
Letters to the editor. Readers respond! 📫
Creativity - The Fire Jar
Arts, design, general creative inspiration.
Interactive - The Fire Jar
Courses, tutorials, prompts, and invitations.
Collaborations - The Fire Jar
Created with friends, family, readers etc.

Additional entry points

Check out :
A timeless paradox
Some animated beats
Playlists [ one / two / three ] 🎶
My early parenting thoughts
These woodcut prints or photos

My deep-dive TV reviews 📺
Enlightened / Battlestar Galactica

Here's how I design these graphics


Here's the Fire Jar origin story.


I wanted a blank canvas, and a built-in excuse to collaborate with people that I like / admire. Also, publishing helps me connect with people via the internet.

I love getting reader responses!
It's the best part of sending newsletters.

Here are all the crowdsourced posts.

And here are some of my reflections after 100 weeks of publishing.

Stoke the fire

Core values :

Honor your digital trust / attention.
Mind-body, big-small, serious-silly etc.
Ask for feedback, often. Listen.

Retrospectives - The Fire Jar
~Quarterly reviews and reflections.

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A wonderful stimulant, challenging me to break out of routine thoughts, expectations, habits."
I think I need to start unsubscribing from more things so that TFJ can be a bigger percentage of my inbox."