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This is a newsletter with things that I make for 3+ people, shared freely with all.

Exercise ideas
Illustrated thought experiments
Interactive prompts

Small bites of creative kindling for the mind, body, and spirit.

Produced by Jeremy Finch 👋

With help from many collaborators.

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Here's the Fire Jar origin story.

tl;dr I wanted an excuse to collaborate with people that I admire. A blank canvas, an outlet. Publishing also helps me meet cool people via the internet.

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140+ posts by theme :

Movement - The Fire Jar
Dance, exercise, sports, yoga, physical practice etc.
Creativity - The Fire Jar
Arts, design, general creative inspiration.
Mailbag - The Fire Jar
Letters to the editor. Readers respond! 📫
Collaborations - The Fire Jar
Created with friends, family, readers etc.
Interactive - The Fire Jar
Courses, tutorials, prompts, and invitations.

Other starting points

A paradox

Some animated beats

Curated playlists
[ one / two / three / four ] 🎶

My parenting thoughts

Woodcut prints and/or photos

Deep-dive TV reviews 📺
Enlightened / Battlestar Galactica / Severance

How I design these graphics

I love hearing from people!

Here are all your crowdsourced replies.

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