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This is a curated playground with art, movement, and deep shower thoughts.

A home for exercise, hand-drawn comics, fun thought experiments, and interactive prompts. Expect a wide array of creative kindling for the mind, body, and spirit.

Made by Jeremy Finch.

Short, delightful surprises :

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Three recurring interests :

1. Timeless skills and insights
2. Bodies and movement
3. Arts and creativity

081: Reader Mailbag (VIII)
Your responses re: timeless knowledge.
082: Reader Mailbag (IX)
Your responses re: bodies and movement.
083: Reader Mailbag (X)
Your responses re: creative practice.

First time here?

Take a short drawing course
Try some daily mini-breaks
Invest in some self-care
Take time to reflect or make a plan


Other entry points :
A timeless paradox
Some animated beats
Playlists [ one / two / three ] 🎶
My early parenting thoughts
Woodcut prints or photos

Two deep-dive TV reviews 📺
Enlightened / Battlestar Galactica

Wondering how I design these graphics?


Here's the origin story.

tl;dr I wanted a blank canvas, and a built-in excuse to collaborate with people that I like / admire. I also like that publishing helps me meet cool people via the internet.

Here are some reflections, after 100 weeks.

I love getting responses!

Here are the crowdsourced posts.

Core values :

Honor your trust and attention.
Ask for feedback, often. Listen.
Mind-body, big-small, serious-silly etc.

Retrospectives - The Fire Jar
~Quarterly reviews and reflections.

Join 300+ curious readers :

A wonderful stimulant, challenging me to break out of routine thoughts, expectations, habits."
I think I need to start unsubscribing from more things so that TFJ can be a bigger percentage of my inbox."

Stoke the fire!


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