This is a blog / newsletter with fun drawings, random thought experiments, and interactive prompts. It explores creativity, movement, and learning.

Each week, you'll be invited to reflect, move, and/or try something new. Expect a variety of creative kindling, in unusual shapes and forms.

Here's the origin story (Dec, 2019).

How it's evolving (July, 2021).

It's created by Jeremy Finch (and collaborators).

Operating principles :

  • Design: Respect people's sacred brain-space.
  • Listening: Ask for and incorporate feedback.
  • Balance: Mind-body, big-small, serious-silly etc.

All posts, by category.

How this project is evolving :

Meta - The Fire Jar
A ~quarterly reflection on process.

First time here?

Try a self-care week 🧘‍♀️

026: Self-Care Series
Seven mindful movement prompts and simple daily exercises.

Or this simple reflection ⏳

031: Time Capsules
Here’s how to send a message to your future-self.

Or this short drawing course ✍

047: Art for Amateurs
Seven short sketching prompts. No experience required!

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A wonderful stimulant, challenging me to break out of routine thoughts, expectations, habits."
I think I need to start unsubscribing from more things so that TFJ can be a bigger percentage of my inbox."

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081: Reader Mailbag (VIII)
Crowdsourced responses re: timeless knowledge.
082: Reader Mailbag (IX)
Crowdsourced responses re: movement.
083: Reader Mailbag (X)
Crowdsourced responses re: creative practice.