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This is a blog and newsletter that explores creativity, movement, and learning - and how they might fit together. It's designed for people who enjoy questions and seek to live life with curiosity, energy, and wonder.

Each week, you'll be invited to pause, create, move, and/or try something new. Expect a wide range of kindling for creative energy and reflection. In many shapes and forms.

Here's the origin story.

It's edited by Jeremy Finch (with many collaborators).

Goals: Brighten minds, move bodies, and maybe even illuminate some common threads that make us human.

Core values:

  • Design: Respect your sacred brain-space
  • Listening: Ask for and incorporate feedback
  • Balance: Mind-body, big-small, serious-silly etc.

Here are all posts, by category (archive).

And here's how this project has evolved over time.

Meta - The Fire Jar
A ~quarterly reflection on process.

First time here? Start with:

This week-long self-care series 🧘‍♀️

026: Self-Care Series
Seven mindful movement prompts and simple daily exercises.

This simple reflection prompt ⏳

031: Time Capsules
Here’s how to send a message to your future-self.

Or this free drawing course ✍

047: Art for Amateurs
Seven short sketching prompts. No experience required!

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About the newsletter:

It encourages me to be creative and try something new and self-improving and thoughtful, even if only in some small way."
A wonderful stimulant, challenging me to break out of routine thoughts, expectations, habits."
I think I need to start unsubscribing from more things so that TFJ can be a bigger percentage of my inbox."

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