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047: Art for Amateurs

A drawing course. No experience required!

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
4 min read
047: Art for Amateurs

This is a free, seven-day drawing course.

timelapse of hand drawing 'free drawing course (for everyone)' on paper

How it works

I'll send you seven drawing exercises.
You'll draw for 1-2 min per day.

By the end of a week, you'll have made seven original sketches.

It's a low-stakes opportunity to express yourself, and maybe unblock some creativity. Closer in style to DIY comics (or cave paintings) than "fine art".

Join 60+ courageous people who have already completed the full series!

Sign up below :


1 / Most kids draw. But fewer adults keep going. Why? Most convince themselves that they are "bad at drawing".

2 / Art doesn't need to all sit in a gallery.

3️ / It can be fun to withhold criticism, and explore within a framework: To enjoy something without necessarily quantifying "success".

Generally, I want more people to try creative projects!

F A Q s:

  • Are there prerequisites?
    Zero. No experience required.
  • Do I need to know how to draw?
    Nope. We won't make things look pretty or perfect. You'll choose an approach and commit, putting some ink on a page. Everyone is welcome.
  • What supplies are needed?
    🗒 10 pieces of paper
    ✍️ Two pens
    📱 Countdown timer (optional)
  • What is the format?
    You'll receive an email each morning with the day's prompt. Draw for 1-2 min. Then, take a photo of what you've made and send it back to me (extra credit).
  • Will I learn the fundamentals of line, perspective, form, and value?
    Definitely not. This won't cover aesthetic principles or formal technique. You'll just make quick marks and gestures to express things, in your natural style.

Who is a good fit?

Anyone who is willing to draw for 1-2 min per day, for one week.

Anyone who sees value in experimentation and play.

I hope to lower barriers and give more people permission to try new things (provide the creative "kindling").

Ready to give it a try?


Draw with some music!


Inspiration for this course :

These exercises are inspired by Lynda Barry, a talented comics artist, teacher, and MacArthur Fellowship recipient.

She has said :

"There was a time when drawing and writing were not separated for you. In fact, our ability to write could only come from our willingness and inclination to draw. In the beginning of our writing and reading lives, we drew the letters of our name."

Other questions?
Drop me a note.

Update :
Some of your drawings!

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