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001: Hello, World

What is this remote corner of the internet...?

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
001: Hello, World
Animated GIF of tumbleweed rolling in front of The Fire Jar logo

The Fire Jar is a framework for an ongoing multimedia experiment.

A blank canvas where I create and share something new, once a week.

Here, you'll find:

Comics, essays, interviews, animations. Stuff I've recently watched, listened to, read etc. Ideas that I've been pondering.

I plan to test out a variety of topics, formats, and collaborators.

About me: Jeremy 👋

I hope you'll join along for the ride!

Drawing of microphone, comics page, camera and people in conversation

The elusive "creative practice"...

Do you often find yourself thinking #deepthoughts in the shower or sending yourself emails with half-baked ideas and reminders throughout the day?

Do you have brief, breakthrough moments of inspiration riding the train, commuting to work, riffing with friends?

What happens to the occasional glimmers of insight and clarity amid the routine and mundane?

For me, these artifacts get lost in my inbox, or end up scribbled on crumpled post-its. The fleeting moment rarely turns into something tangible.

I've long wondered if a disciplined system might reveal (connect?) the dots.

Possible future topics (tbd)

  • How to do a handstand
  • The value of UX Research
  • What I learned in my MBA program tl;dr
  • Why Battlestar Galactica is still an underrated TV series

The initial episodes will go all over the map.

Animated GIF of cat typing furiously on a keyboard


  • Rekindle a love of making stuff
  • Maintain a space for experimentation
  • Collaborate with people that I like + respect

Advice I hear from internet experts:

"Work in public, teach while you learn, produce consistently, trust that the long tail of the internet will eventually take notice, find the others" etc.

Drawing of a long-tail statistical distribution

Is this actually good advice?
(asking for a friend)

The public aspect of putting things out there on the internet feels intimidating. But feedback fuels rapid learning, and being seen can create accountability.

Left to my own devices, I might procrastinate on promising ideas by 'perfecting' irrelevant skills in isolation.

Or worse, discuss potential projects for years without ever taking any action.

I hope you'll join along!

The first ten are live!

Pilot Episodes - The Fire Jar
Episodes 1-10.

How it's going :

100: Recap X
Some lessons learned, 100 weeks in.
Retrospectives - The Fire Jar
~Quarterly reviews and reflections.

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