034: Reader Mailbag (III)

Season One Aug 17, 2020

I got many great replies to "Exponential Patience".
Sharing a few of your responses below 👇

This reminds me of the book "The Dot and the Line".

I love metaphors. Visual or otherwise. And questions.

This resonates with what I learned in one of my classes during b-school. It's about how you have to get worse before you see progress (can't go straight from the circle to the star - there has to be a dip).

People get impatient during that phase where we get worse.

Another is about vulnerability: People are afraid to embrace new challenges, whether it's learning a new skill, looking for new/better ways, or correcting themselves to be on the right path.

This one reminds me of a crossroads I perceive in launching a service. The first iteration is thrilling. Clients are engaged, the coach is passionate about the work etc. Then at some point, there's a lull.

I think when we pay close attention, we can see whether the service needs more of our energy, a structural change, or to be let go entirely. Hopefully this awareness allows us to find an upward trajectory or a different project. When we DON'T pay close attention, we risk the gradual bleeding of stressed energy.

The blue line accurately represents they way I felt about living abroad.

At first it was difficult and we def faced some doubt. But once we got settled in (about 1 year), the benefit of living outside the US / in Europe really took off exponentially. Y axis would be happiness prob in this case. We coulda continued living a fine and dandy life in Central Sq and things would be alright.

Moving abroad may have challenged us a bit in that first year, but we've been so f***ing happy here since then.

It reminded me of Paul Graham’s piece "Do Things That Don’t Scale" - have you seen this?

A lot of people think I’m “bad at marketing” because I don’t have a gigantic social media following and a lot of my business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. But I care about outcomes, not big numbers.

With a Twitter following of “only” 500 humans, I’m making a good living doing what I love most in the world—and the business is only about 1 year old. Some people keep pressuring me to put effort into things like social media, to do more to scale visibly in the near term. But I care much more about serving my existing network and gaining everlasting respect through 1:1 attention.

True to your post, as time passes, I’m earning more and more of that respect, and that yields a lot of benefits.

I learn a ton from readers.

👏 👏 👏
Please keep the replies coming!