033: Exponential Patience

Season One Aug 10, 2020

You've seen some version of this graphic:

  • The green is linear
  • The blue is exponential


  • Sometimes, you go backwards. At first, things seem to get worse.
  • It's hard to know which line you're on. Or predict trajectories in advance.
  • A lot depends on when you measure results. And what the Y Axis stands for.

In the yellow box, the blue curve looks slow and inefficient. People get impatient, the world pushes us back to the green line.

Other times, there simply isn't a choice. It's tough to invest in a distant, speculative future when you're focused on short-term survival.

To ponder:

  • Can you identify these lines in life?
  • What other shapes do you notice?
  • Where might we go backwards to make progress?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Update: Thanks for your replies!

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