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015: Funny Business

Satirical (fictional) business names.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
015: Funny Business

An innovation collaboration with the Avilicious Marketing AgencyTM (a stealth-mode startup specializing in puns and prolific satirical name generation).

As far as we know, none of these exist. Yet.

Business naming ideas

  • Worst Case Scenario (Attorneys at Large)
  • From the Gekko (Reptile Emporium)
  • Probable Paws (Pet Store)
  • Carpet Diem (Rug Repossession Agency)
  • Just in Queso (Quick Stop Cheese Shop)
  • Pushing the Envelope (Stationary Store)
  • You Can't Always Get What You Font (Stationary Store)
  • All I Need to Get Pie (Bakery)
  • Knead to Dough Basis (Bakery)
  • They're Grape (Fine Wines)
  • Spirits in the Sky (Trappist Distillery)
  • For All In Tents and Purposes (Tent Rentals)
  • Sylvester Cologne (Men's Fragrances)
  • Sadist Factory (Adequate Dominatrix)
  • Holy Ship! (Boat Supplies)
  • Urine Luck (Drug Testing)
  • Endless Pastabilities (Italian Eatery)
  • H2 Oh No! (Flood Insurance)
  • Soda Pressing (A Happy Soda Company)


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