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125: Reader Mailbag (XVI)

Your responses re: toddler wisdom.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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125: Reader Mailbag (XVI)

My last post explored the instinctive movement patterns of babies.

Towards the end, I asked :

What have our adult bodies forgotten?

What toddler movement wisdom can we re-learn?

You sent in some great replies!

🔽 🔽

Eating food with both hands and no utensils.

It's very liberating.

Spinning and rolling.
All kids do it. It's fun!

But as an adult, I can't do it anymore...

In the 1990s, there was a song by the band Chumbawamba (sic), "I get knocked down, I get back up again".

Toddlers remind me that this is how we learn.

I'd like to remember to trust my instincts whenever I'm learning anything new. And play, like toddlers do.

Kids deserve kind, discerning parents.

Those that teach, protect, and love.

Another nerdy parenting observation:
In the first three months, I discovered that doing a slow humming breathing technique while holding our baby would instantly calm her down. Magic!

Nervous system co-regulation for the win.

I have spent countless hours outside with the kids.

Aside from reading at bedtime, I'd say most of the bonding has happened outside, or on an adventure somewhere in nature.

Your post reminds me of contact improvisation fundamentals.

Sitting on the ground is harder now.

It's great to spend time on the floor.

Thanks for the responses!

I love hearing from readers.

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