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124: Parenting Thoughts (III)

On the wisdom of falling down.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
124: Parenting Thoughts (III)

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Our son is approaching ~18 months.

He is a curious, playful creature.

He's been teaching us a ton.

Especially about bodies and movement.

Babies are underrated movement teachers.

He inspires me to spend more time outside.

To explore and play.

To reconnect with my childhood interests.

Parenting is a physically-demanding job.

It requires strength, mobility, endurance etc.

Parents lift, carry, reach, twist, grab - many times per day.

Lately, he's been inspiring us to spend more time with him on the ground.

Squatting, scooching, sitting, laying down.

Babies have an incredible ability to watch and mimic.

So far, his movement choices seem functional and goal-oriented.

  • He slides to bring us things
  • He climbs because he wants to grab / see
  • He rolls over because he doesn't like us wiping his butt

He watches us carefully.

And we observe him back.

Inspiration flows both ways.


[ 1 min watch ]

Toddlers fall and get back up.

They're incredibly resilient.

All of us were babies once

I wonder  

What have adult bodies forgotten?

Thanks for your replies!

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