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124: Parenting Thoughts (III)

On the wisdom of falling down.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
124: Parenting Thoughts (III)

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Our son is approaching ~18 months.

He is a curious, playful creature.

He's been teaching us a ton:
Especially about bodies and movement.

Babies are underrated movement teachers.

He inspires me to spend more time outside.

To explore and play, on a daily basis.
To reconnect with my childhood interests.

Parenting is a physically-demanding job.

It requires strength, mobility, endurance.
Parents lift, carry, reach, twist, grab - many times per day.

Lately, he's been inspiring us to spend more time with him on the ground.

Squatting, scooching, sitting, laying down. I love it.

Babies have this incredible ability to watch and mimic.

So far, his movement choices seem largely functional, and goal-oriented.

  • He slides to bring us things
  • He climbs because he wants to grab / see
  • He rolls over because he doesn't like us wiping his butt

He watches us carefully.
And we observe him back.

Inspiration flows both ways.


[ 1 min watch ]

Toddlers fall and get back up.

They're incredibly resilient.

All of us were babies
( at one point )

I wonder  

What have our adult bodies forgotten?

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