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026: Self-Care Series

Seven mindful movement prompts.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
1 min read
026: Self-Care Series

This is a seven-day course with simple ideas for adding conscious movement into your life. You'll check in with yourself for a few minutes and slow down, once a day.

No special skills, space, or equipment needed.

Ready to explore some accessible, low-tech forms of mindful self-care?

Your central nervous system may appreciate it! ✨

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How this course works:

  • You'll get one daily email for a week (every AM)
  • Each includes a link to a video prompt (<1 min)
  • You'll do something kind for your mind and body

Check it out!

100+ people have completed this course.

"This is basically a more fun and interactive version of Headspace."

"Easy. I like the guidance."

"Your little somatic 'nuggets' are wonderful — and nicely produced."

"Seemingly simple, but very effective."

"I've been enjoying the exercise and breathing series. The joys of being alive."

"Not what I was expecting. Thank you for this."

"I appreciated the encouragement. The video/audio combo works well."

"Tried [today's activity] for one minute. Actually feels pretty good."

"Friendly, and encouraging... I feel calmer already."

"Needed a little push. Signing up is the first step. Thank you!"

Still on the fence?

Here are all the videos.


No special skills, space, or equipment needed.

Please talk to a doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

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