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008: Animation Sampler

Some short stop-action animations.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
008: Animation Sampler

"The Water Jar" (2011)

A stop-action film I made (circa the Subway Comic).

No relation to the The Fire Jar.

Animated GIF of a jar of water being filled up
Animated GIF of the jar pulling a plant closer
Animated GIF of two plants spinning next to the jar
Animated GIF of the plant drinking water from the jar

Main takeaway =
Water your houseplants 🌱.

"Scarf + Hat" (~2014)

The attack of the winter clothes!

East River (2020)

Looping GIF of a large boat going under the Williamsburg bridge

(Potential) Fire Jar?

At some point, I will redesign this site.

The home page could have better navigation and some motion.

Maybe a low-poly loop like this?
I donno. Will keep riffing.

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