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045: Different Scales

What are the smallest / largest things?

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
045: Different Scales

Our universe is large.

"Powers of Ten" (Eames, 1977)

And also very small.

"Powers of Ten" (Eames, 1977)

Two Models

[1] The units of the universe could be presented in a linear way:

⬅️  Small on the left

Large on the right  ➡️

⏪    ⏩
(And everything else in between)

But the more I think about it...

[2] A circular graphic might be better:  

From very large back to small again.
In some kind of loop?

I'm curious:
How do you make sense of these scales?

To ponder

  • What are the smallest and largest things?
  • What are our personal "units of measurement" by which we understand our world(s) and lives?
  • Are there better ways to model this?


Here's the full Eames video.

Thanks for the responses :

046: Reader Mailbag (V)
Your replies to “Different Scales”.

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