038: Cats and Toast

Season One Sep 14, 2020

These statements are (usually) true:

Some have wondered: What would happen if you tied a piece of buttered toast to a cat and dropped it from height?

This is the "buttered cat paradox".

The premise is obviously ridiculous*. But it contains some useful lessons.

* Please don't attempt this experiment

First, cats are amazingly agile 🐈
Their reflexes defy the laws of physics.

Γ‰tienne-Jules Marey (1894)

Second, multiple conflicting truths can coexist. Our brains are not wired to manage cognitive dissonance. Still, it can be useful to imagine opposing ideas simultaneously.

Sometimes things work out and we land (safely) on our feet. Other times, things go astray and our breakfast is ruined.

My natural disposition probably lies somewhere in the middle.

What paradoxes do you ponder?

Send me your ideas!
I might illustrate them 🎨

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