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122: Energizing Explorations

A one-week series of mindful surprises.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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122: Energizing Explorations

It's important to make space for self-kindness, movement, and reflection. Yet so easy to get stuck in old patterns and mindless routines.

This is a free one-week email series with seven short prompts and check-ins: Daily pattern-interrupters and low-stakes opportunities to learn, connect, and reflect.

Small acts, taken regularly.

You'll be invited to :

  • Learn spontaneously
  • Bring awareness to the body
  • Focus on an analog task

These activities won't make you "better” in any way. You'll just be kind to yourself.

And make time for a few brief moments of grounding, connection, and presence.

Seven short videos
Sent daily @ 7:30am ET [UTC-4]

We'll pull together some familiar classics, and mix in a few new things that you might not have tried yet.

No equipment necessary.

Zero skills / experience required.

50+ people have completed the series!

Students have said :

A great way of reattaching myself to a simpler way of life.
It was fun to follow along this week. I didn't do every action, but a lot were already baked into my normal routine.
It's a beautiful, generous reminder to do something small every day, intentionally.
I wanted to do something every day that is good new and different.

I hope you give it a try.

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