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122: Energizing Explorations

A one-week series of pleasant surprises.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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122: Energizing Explorations

It's important to make space for self-kindness, movement, and reflection. Yet so easy to get stuck in old patterns and mindless routine.

This is a free one-week email series with seven daily prompts and mindful check-ins: Small pattern-interrupters and opportunities to learn, connect, and reflect.

Low stakes invitations to :

  • Learn spontaneously
  • Bring awareness to the body
  • Focus on an analog task

It won't make you "better” in any way.

You'll just be kind to yourself.

And do something small and intentional, every day.

No equipment necessary.

Zero skills / experience required.

Expect some familiar classics, and a few things that you might not have tried yet.

Seven videos, via email
Delivered daily @ 7:30am [UTC-4]


50+ people have completed the series!

Students have said :

A way of reattaching myself to a simpler way of life.
It was fun to follow along this week. I didn't do every action, but a lot were already baked into my normal routine.
I wanted to do something every day that is good new and different.




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