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057: Negotiation (II)

A response to the first negotiation post.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
057: Negotiation (II)

Negotiation (I) sparked some interesting replies. Thank you!

Here are my notes from a follow-up conversation with a friend.

  • Negotiation is built on trust
  • Seek to understand incentives
  • Don't assume your incentives are the same as theirs
  • People are motivated by looking good
  • Ideally, both sides need to "win"
  • Try to turn single-issue negotiations into multi-issue ones
  • If you're going to bluff, have something in your hand
  • It usually helps to write things down
  • To make things less personal, negotiate on behalf of someone / something else
  • For verbal agreements, assume the best
  • For written contracts, assume the worst
  • Identify one-off vs. continuous negotiations
  • Asymmetric information poses risks
  • Humans have natural instincts towards cooperation, selfishness, and altruism (see: Prisoner's Dilemma)

re: the prisoner's dilemma" ☝

Keep the feedback coming.

I learn a ton from Fire Jar readers!


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