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032: Podcast (I)

A short conversation with my Grandma.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
032: Podcast (I)

This is from part of a conversation I had with my Grandmother. Recorded on a random Saturday morning, in December 2019.

We discussed childhood, work, imagination, and this new Fire Jar project.

Edited 🎙
[ 2 min ]

Transcript :

[ Julia ] "When I heard about this, I thought: Now, Jeremy can draw on the computer and he can use it in imaginative ways. Isn't this an expression of imagination that all children have?

It was hard to see you enter the so-called 'real world', and find it exhausting, enervating, confining... You don't have to be all those things that they tell you that a man has to be. It was hard enough to figure out what it was like to be a woman! Especially in this day and age.

What is the significance of The Fire Jar?"

[ Jeremy ] "What does it make you think of?"

[ Julia ] "First of all, you don't spell out whether it's a big jar or a small jar. Seems to me that a jar can be as big or as small as you want, hold as many things as you want. What the 'fire' is, maybe it's the child? I'll put that on it. That makes sense.

I do think your generation - as difficult as it is - there are more opportunities for this. I assume you're not alone. You've got friends that you've talked to. They're all trying to figure it out... Keep talking. Keep going, visiting people for a few hours on a Saturday morning. Who knows where it'll go?

I've known you a long time. You, and each of my grandchildren. You are what you were as a child. And I don't want you to ever lose that. Things don't work out, or the body stops working the way it has... There will be losses along the way.

But you carry with you - always - who you are.

And if you do nothing else, but go around and do this: You'll find that people will talk. Because everybody, men or women, don't feel like they've been heard."

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