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043: Caregivers

Breaking things is easy. Repairing is harder.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
043: Caregivers

Breaking things is fast and easy.

Repairing is slow, and often much harder.

In school, we study stubborn disruptors, intrepid explorers, formidable conquerors. We reward the people who refuse to budge - who pursued a singular, rigid vision. We worship powerful figures who enact "righteous" vengeance over deserving foes.

These stories are powerful, familiar, and sticky.

But I think we underrate the contributions of people who quietly put things back together.

We overlook the people who heal, repair, and nurture (patiently), day in and day out. Across small scales and large. In ways that contribute positively toward our long-term, collective wellbeing.

Caregivers come in all ages and bodies, bearing many different titles.

They create more value than they capture, and share generously despite minimal short-term rewards. They enable positive-sum outcomes.

But this vital labor often remains unseen, undervalued by the market.

Where do you notice these people?

Are you one of them?

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