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002: Diverge-Converge

The double diamond design process.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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002: Diverge-Converge


Animated drawing of TV broadcast person standing in front of screen that says 'Episode 2'

This post features:

  • Some things that scare me
  • A diagram of (part of) the creative process

Since last week  

When I hit 'publish' on Monday, it felt great.

30 seconds later, it was replaced by embarrassment and fear: Did I just commit publicly to something I can't deliver on?

Looping GIF of GOB Bluth saying "I've made a huge mistake"

I'd been so busy choosing color palettes and designing a website, I hadn't actually made anything else. The reality of the work ahead began to sink in.

Luckily, someone replied with a reminder:
The hardest part is getting started.  

You'll probably change the house you're building about a thousand times - just lay a few bricks down and see where it goes."

One step in front of the other.

Some common barriers

What seems to derail creative endeavors?

Where do people tend to get stuck?
Here are some common obstacles :

A long vertical series of drawings of words: "procrastination, insecurity, criticism, self-doubt, disapproval" etc.

The (ego) obstacles are real.

I encounter them often.  

Then, there are the process-based risks. One of them is getting stuck trying to create and analyze simultaneously.

Animated graphic of double-diamond with "converge" and "diverge" overlayed on top

You may have seen some version of this concept before (credits: systems scientist Béla Bánáthy, British Design Council).

The main paint = Generating ideas and refining / executing concepts are separate stages. People can't do both effectively at once.

This is why brainstorming aims to generate huge quantities of ideas first (deferring assessment of quality). That's the theory, at least.

For me, it looks like:  

Drawing of double-diamond graphic with messy scribbles on top
Theory vs Reality

Something I'm thinking about: If people like certain things, it'll signal that I should make more. If you think some posts are bad, that's good to know. Feedback helps.  

Along the way, I'll try to test and learn.

How do you move through creative fear?

When do you generate ideas vs. evaluate options?

A drawing of a mailbox with a letter inside

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