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083: Reader Mailbag (X)

Your responses re: art / creative practice.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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083: Reader Mailbag (X)

Part 3/3 of your responses to Fire Jar 80.

Here are some crowdsourced replies to Q3:
How can creative practice support human flourishing?

Mailbag 8 was about Q1.
Mailbag 9 was on Q2.

Creating something is the best source of reward, alone or collectively.

Getting people rewards from their creation (and not from consumption) is a fundamental pillar for a happy future."

It might help keep us emotionally / cognitively agile. Better able to approach change."

For my patients, hobbies and creative outlets help them regulate mood and anxiety (knitting, cooking and baking, woodworking, and gardening). They all speak of the importance of them as a source of pleasure and relaxation.

The outlets transcend demographic categories, cultural bias and definitions."

Mind, body, and heart are all connected."

Gut reaction, art is human flourishing."

I think creativity is a good measure of internal weather. I don't think it is possible when I'm not feeling comfortable, confident etc.

When I am feeling light, optimistic, and safe, my brain makes lots of spontaneous connections without giving effort. When I am on edge, no matter how hard I try, I cannot be creative to save my life (humor, work etc)."

My creativity stems from the inability to accept “what is”; the quelling of that incessant nagging voice for change.

The need to find a better (faster) way to accomplish an unwanted task. Not sure how much it contributes to the flourishment of humankind. But it certainly makes my life more tolerable."

When the world (correctly) appears to be high risk and requiring focus on easily understood and tangible goals, how do you capture the creative potential of the folks who aren't internally compelled?"

A great piece of art - theater, writing, music, or visual art - is not just a demonstration of technical skill. It has some soul in it, an ability to connect.
It’s a rare piece of truth and expression without a self-serving motive in a world that’s otherwise trying to sell you something or get something transactional out of you.

Good Art makes you think, feel, process. It stretches you to see things differently."

... The gig went well (I think) and I was just talking to a friend about how having that one larger project makes all the little gigs and inconveniences and stresses worth something. The spine of the creature, so to speak.

Without it you're just a jellyfish, floating along from one gig to another. And I have no problem with jellyfish, but I have no intention of being one."

I appreciate all the mail!

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