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082: Reader Mailbag (IX)

Your responses re: bodies and movement.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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082: Reader Mailbag (IX)

More of your responses to the three prompts.

The last mailbag focused on Q1 (timeless wisdom).

Here are your crowdsourced replies to Q2:
How can movement and exercise enhance health and wellbeing?

As Emerson said:

First, be a good animal."

This is one is too obvious.
I may not understand it well."

I know this to be true, but cannot articulate the how.

Moving more is healthier for most people. "

Many get lulled into the day-to-day grind of work and family responsibilities, lack of sleep and nutrition, escape to screens etc. Moving mindfully can develop the connections between our brains and the rest of ourselves."

I just started bringing my journal into the gym with me. Between sets, I'll write what's on my mind. I think more clearly in there.

It seems worthwhile to capture what is coming up."

Helps people move for longevity, keeps them livelier for longer. Allows for greater engagement with living.

Whether it’s someone who’s a retired athlete or longtime desk worker, moving keeps you living to your functional potential to enjoy the world, spend time with your people, and do things that connect you more deeply with yourself and those around you."

Movement gives a person a destination to reach and a goal to accomplish.

Exercise is a repeat of movements that strengthens one physically, and increases a person’s resilience and willpower.

Both entail complicated commands between the brain and the parts it commands. More exchange can hone both to new heights."

From "The Body Keeps the Score" :

One of the clearest lessons from contemporary neuroscience is that our sense of ourselves is anchored in a vital connection with our bodies... we do not know ourselves unless we can feel and interpret our physical sensations."

How might mindless sedentariness detract from health and well-being?"

There are obvious physiological benefits. But what about all the other benefits that are hard to measure?

Spending time in nature, learning to breathe, being in your body etc. For me, moving with awareness is ideally about being with myself. And learning to accept and appreciate my body. It's not always about striving or pushing."

You have to express your thoughts and emotions through your body because whatever is physically experienced will continue to inform your mindset and heart.

This is one reason why dance and creative practice are important. By experimenting with movement, dance allows you to physically practice risk-taking so that it will transpire mentally and emotionally."

There’s overwhelming evidence that working our bodies is essential to long and healthy function of minds and spirits.

I schedule two trainer-assisted workouts each week, pushing right to the edge (for me these days, not so long a journey) when elation coincides with exhaustion. A wonderful trip."

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