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080: Recap (VIII)

Reflections, at 80 weeks.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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080: Recap (VIII)

At 80 weeks in, I'm realizing:
The Fire Jar is a research project.

A collaborative exploration, with a few underlying themes.

Where it all began

At the end of this post, I'll introduce three guiding questions.

Hopefully, they'll add some thematic structure to this blog / newsletter. And invite more of a conversation.

Survey results

Many readers have told me that The Fire Jar is hard to categorize. Some enjoy the surprises and non-sequitors. But most would prefer focused themes. Clearer applications. Greater depth.

Good feedback. All fair points.

( the last survey reponses )

Originally, this strategy was intentional.

The plan was to go wide and iterate.

Run a variety of experiments.
Follow my curiosity.
See what sticks.

The experimental approach feels intuitive to me.

Creative expression needs structure and direction.

And a sustainable fuel supply.

The Fire Jar needs more of these things.
Otherwise, the flames might flicker.

I want to weave a few threads together.

The exact answers are unknown.
But I know three of the questions.

Guiding Questions

1. What skills and knowledge will remain timeless and relevant, even as the world undergoes rapid change?

2. How can movement and exercise enhance health and wellbeing?

3. How might creative practice support human flourishing, individually and collectively?

Do you wonder about these things too?

Send your thoughts!

Update :
Thanks for the great replies!

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