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081: Reader Mailbag (VIII)

Your responses re: timeless knowledge.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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081: Reader Mailbag (VIII)

Last week's guiding questions sparked many responses.

Thank you!

Some replies to Q1:

What skills and knowledge are likely to remain timeless and relevant?

Even as the the world undergoes rapid change.

Reading. Critical thinking. Coding.

Philosophy and policy will go hand in hand. New tech (e.g. A.I., CRISPR) will continue to force us to grapple with questions we are ill equipped to answer."

Critical thinking, communication, systems awareness, game theory. Those are the ones that come to mind immediately."

Effective communication."

- Cory

Food, water, shelter and community."

Regular reflection/introspection, goal-setting and goal-achieving, communication, boundary-setting, effective leadership.

Determining one’s own principles and values, allocation and management of resources (time, mental/physical energy, finances etc).

How to start a business, how to learn something, how to teach something, how to read/retain information."

How to take the time to learn to anchor oneself firmly to the ground. So as to withstand the strongest of storms."

Ancient wisdom. So much it can teach us that is still applicable after 2,000 years (Stoics, Buddha etc.).

In fact, it's possible it could be even more useful as time goes on (wouldn't that be crazy?)."

How to learn and un-learn."

The capacity to spot issues / improvement potentials in processes. The capacity to speak in public and tell great stories. The capacity to receive an enormous amount of information, and transform it into "experience" to make good decisions."

To stop or pause is a radical act.

Practicing, through mindfulness, narrowing our focus to the present helps to quiet our inner critic, or the noisy chipmunk inside our heads (the "monkey mind"), enabling us to appreciate the present."

I like the idea of driving questions > a mission statement or declared focus. Feels more open, wise, flexible. More like the way we ought to live."

I love getting your mail.

Keep the feedback coming.

Update :
The rest of your replies!

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