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060: Recap (VI)

Reflections, at 60 weeks.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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060: Recap (VI)

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In the last ten weeks:

Current reflections :

  • Self-doubt is real: I look back at old episodes and cringe. I worry regularly about saying something stupid on the internet. I'm embarrassed by basically everything that I've ever shared. I don't think this sort of insecurity ever goes away. Maybe the inner-critic just gets quieter over time?
  • The Fire Jar is hard to define: Some have suggested that I focus narrowly on consistent subjects. Others enjoy the wide-ranging topics and surprises. You readers are a diverse mix (including people that I don't know). One of the key rules of business = know your audience. How do I square this tension? Who are you? What's the common thread...? TBD.
  • I love hearing from people: The weekly format has led to great connections and thought-provoking conversations with great people. I learn a ton when you write back and share your thoughts. Candid feedback and regular dialogue are essential ingredients in this recipe. Thank you!

The last ten:

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