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063: Team Dynamics

A summary of the Four Player Model.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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063: Team Dynamics

The "Four Player Model" is a framework that describes four primary roles that shape group behavior: Movers, Opposers, Followers, and Bystanders.

David Kantor

This concept has changed how I think about group dynamics and collaboration.

It has wide applicability to a variety of settings.

Ideally, healthy teams include a mix of personas:

  • Movers: Create initial motion and direction
  • Opposers: Provide critical feedback and corrections
  • Followers: Contribute support and momentum
  • Bystanders: Offer a fresh, outsider perspective

Each role serves a key purpose:

  • Without movers, things never get started.
  • Without opposers, energy is spent on the wrong things.
  • Without followers, nothing gets completed.
  • Without bystanders, people lose sight of the big picture.

While some of us gravitate naturally towards roles, it's important to be able to play all four.

Depending on the moment, you may need to shift in order to bring the group back into balance.

I think this framework can be extended to many settings.

Which role(s) do you play?

How do you think about teams?


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