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096: Self-states

We inhabit many roles and personas.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
096: Self-states

People are complicated. Emotional. Contradictory.

Each human contains many personas: A unique mix of traits, modes, and qualities - all representing different facets of ourselves.

Maybe a person is just an array of these characters, sitting on a "committee", inhabiting one shared physical body.  

Here are some that I identify with:

  • The athlete
  • The child
  • The artist
  • The critic
  • The dreamer etc.

A friend tells me :

My schools of thought would call them 'self-states'... We have these different self-states that are brought out in different environments. Our self is contextual to our environment."

Sometimes they balance out.

Other times, they don't.

Which ones do you identify with?


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