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089: Creative Practice (Takeaways)

On the value of creative outlets.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
089: Creative Practice (Takeaways)

All children are drawn to creative projects - learning through experimentation, improvisation, and play. Did you have hobbies, crafts, and other outlets when you were young? I hope they brought you great joy!

A video response to Mailbag X.

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How this series started :

083: Reader Mailbag (X)
Crowdsourced responses re: creative practice.
080: Recap (VIII)
Reflections at 80 weeks in.

Parts I and II :

087: Evergreen Skills (takeaways)
A video response to Mailbag VIII. About timeless skills and knowledge.
88: Exercise + Movement (Takeaways)
Movement offers many physical, social, and emotional benefits.

Potential fun and/or inspiration :

047: Art for Amateurs
Seven short sketching prompts. No experience required!
085: Woodcut Prints
Hand-made art and reflections on family (guest post by Neige Christenson).
048: Playlist (I)
A Spotify playlist (8 songs, 32 minutes).
076: Animated Instrumentals
Lo-fi beats and hand-drawn animations (created with #kinfo1k).
016: Surrealist Comics
Comics for the discerning surrealist with an active lifestyle.
066: Photo Gallery
Photography by Lucas Hoeffel.
031: Time Capsules
Here’s how to send a message to your future-self.
062: Your Drawings
A crowdsourced gallery of quick sketches.
015: Funny Business
A list of satirical (fictional) business names - for comedy purposes only.
053: New Year
My reminders for the next twelve months (2021).

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