029: Notes To Self

Season One Jul 13, 2020

This was written by my friend Erica.

I like her description of writing: As a way to learn, connect with people, get un-stuck, and tell stories.

I am reminded how my blog began, in earnest, as letters. It was the open letter to anyone—near or far—who wanted an inner look at my life, what I was up to, how I was living, what I was thinking about.

My go-to medium has always been letters. Letters are my preferred form of storytelling and my favorite gesture of care to share (especially paper ones, but a good email goes a long way).

So in our conversation about creative process - what would it take to release the perfectionism, to create, to move forward and out of 'the hole'? - I think I have an answer.

There’s something about letters.

Letters to my earlier self? Letters to friends where I’m honest and unfiltered about what’s on my mind? All the letters to self I’ve actually written over the years and continue to collect - compiled as one?

Maybe that’s the book I actually want to write (or perhaps letters are the way to get there).

Do you ever send notes to your future-self?

Update: Now you can! 🚀

031: Time Capsules
I’ll show you how to create and hide a simple “time capsule”. It’ll be a quick and (potentially) useful experience.

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