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031: Time Capsules

How to send messages to your future-self.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
031: Time Capsules

Today, you'll write - and hide - a letter.
To yourself.  

It'll be a long-arc experiment.
A future gift of memory and perspective.

The logistics

The simplest way to do this is to schedule an email:

  • Write an email to yourself, responding to these prompts
  • Schedule it to be delivered / returned in 6-12 months

If you prefer, you can write a physical letter by hand 📨.

Hide it somewhere safe, and set a calendar reminder.

Alternatives :
- Email me your note (I'll schedule it for you ⚡️)
- Use a service like FutureMe

What to write

Borrow and adapt as you wish :

  1. A reminder: What will you want to remember about your current situation, insights, or experiences?
  2. A question: Something you might be able to answer, presumably from gained experience.  
  3. A challenge: Based on something you recently decided or discovered. Have you acted on this intention?
  4. A prediction: A single outcome, or several likelihoods. How accurate was it?

    Schedule, and hit send ✨


One day, you'll get a letter from a past version of you.

It'll be a brief taste of time travel.

My only request?

In six months,
let me know what you learned!

Shout out to Steve Y
for the prompts

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