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140: Parenting Thoughts (IV)

On going from one -> two kids.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
140: Parenting Thoughts (IV)

This year, we had another baby.

I feel so lucky to be a dad x2.

It's been great to see their sibling sweetness start to emerge.

Going from one ➡ two feels :
• Emotionally easier (less scary)
• Logistically more complex (more chaos)

We have more confidence in our ability to improvise and figure things out.

But there are fewer hands / eyes / ears / brains to go around.

We're pulled in more directions now.

Other insights :

  • I eat a lot of stale, second-hand garbage food
  • It's very funny to watch a baby discover blinking
  • We're constantly stubbing toes on misc floor detritus
  • There's been an up-tick in nose picking / nose bleeds

Recently, our toddler has become my new drawing partner.

I love having an audience. To him, conjuring images with only pen + paper probably seems like magic.

I have renewed appreciation for the value of ritual and routine.

The days are carved between naps.

There's singing in the car, in the bath, at bedtime, during random moments etc.

Everything can become an impromptu song / dance opportunity.

We're still spending a lot of time on the ground.

I am continually trying to remember to switch carrying arms and stay balanced.

Interacting with children requires great strength, mobility, and endurance.

New exercise challenges have emerged.

Something I'm reflecting on

It's been fun to re-read childhood books (old favs).

I'm tempted to invent a new story each time - to read the same book in slightly different variations. Every time, I notice something new.

Have you revisited old favorites too?


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