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099: Parenting Thoughts

Reflections on becoming a dad.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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099: Parenting Thoughts

Becoming a dad has been one of my greatest joys.

Below are ten early reflections (in no particular order).

Every parent's experience is unique, of course. And every child too. Shout out to Stephanie for being such an amazing partner and parent!

1 / Everyone was - at some point - a newborn. Even your friends / grandparents / worst enemies were once tiny babies. We all share aspects of this common experience.

2 / At heart, humans just want to feel safe and loved. Accepted, as part of the pack.

3 / This idea:

We think we 'came into' this world. But we actually came out of this world - like leaves from a tree."

- Alan Watts

4 / It's hard enough to manage one child with two adults. It's difficult to imagine being a single parent.

5 / Caregiving (of all types) is essential for a healthy, functioning society. And yet caregivers remain underrated.

6 / The brain is a neural network.

It's amazing to see synapses connecting and pruning: Real-time discoveries in language, movement, simple physics, cause and effect etc.

7 / Concepts like burpees and operations management have taken on new meanings.

8 / There are fun new primate skills to explore.

9 / I wonder how humans learn language.

[ 55 sec ]

10 / Here's a great time-travel exercise.

It pairs nicely with moments of change.

031: Time Capsules
Here’s how to send a message to your future-self.

Have you ever read a message from your past self?

What would you want your future self to know?


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