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107: Creative Checklist

How to do creative work (notes to self).

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
107: Creative Checklist

This is based on a series of post-it notes posted around my desk.

Various pieces of creative wisdom, stolen from other people. And reminders to self.

I sometimes scan the list when I'm feeling stuck.

Borrow / remix as needed.


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  1. Use analog formats / techniques
  2. Write fan letters to your heroes
  3. Don't take $$ (unless you're ready to be told what to do)
  4. Get organized: Physically and digitally
  5. Ask for help: Feedback is a gift
  6. Know that people are smarter than you
  7. Don't take the criticism personally
  8. Practice your craft, every day
  9. Remember: First drafts are always bad
  10. Reinvent yourself, as needed
  11. Don't take yourself too seriously
  12. Go to sleep: Revisit things in the AM
  13. Demystify: Process > inspiration
  14. Be patient: Enjoy the slower, scenic route
  15. [ add your own! ]

Do you have something like this?

Curious what your list looks like.


Thanks for your replies :

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