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130: Journal Jams

A week of writing prompts and songs.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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130: Journal Jams

This is a free journaling mini-course.
With seven open reflection prompts.
Short, multisensory meditations.

Music-flow journaling

Each day, I'll send you 2x writing prompts and 3x song suggestions (instrumentals).

Choose one song and one prompt.
And write freeform to the music.

❌ Edit or analyze
❌ Write for an audience
❌ Try to write anything good

✅ See what comes up
✅ Follow your curiosity
✅ Keep the pen moving

What's to lose?

Time commitment: Less than five minutes / day.

What you can expect

A low-stakes mindfulness practice.  

Seven small invitations to be generative, create, and increase awareness.

A daily opportunity to slow down and notice thoughts in a private, analog setting.

Example prompts

"Where do you want more challenge in life? Less?"

"Where do your most creative ideas come from?"

"What are you feeling grateful for?"

Update [Feb, 2023]

55+ people have completed this series.

Questions? Feedback?


Why journaling?

Reduce stress, kickstart learning, set and achieve meaningful goals.

No special skills or equipment required.

After a few days, I imagine you'll get your own ideas re: what sort of topics you want to explore. At that point, just write whatever is coming to mind.

Why music?

The music is 100% optional.

For me, it helps turn off the "editing brain" 🧠

  • Track length works as a built-in timer
  • Choose from short-medium-long options

The songs are all instrumentals - different lengths and genres.

If you prefer to write in silence, that's fine. It's up to you.

Why write longhand?

It's important to use analog tools to express and record thoughts.

Writing by hand helps improve retention and memory. The physical aspect requires that you slow down. And it offers a break from screens / keyboards.

But if you have a strong preference for digital tools, that's ok.

Expected outcomes

Every course promises you some sort of transformational outcome.

Honestly, I don't know where this will lead.

Perhaps you're up for an experience?

Minimally, you may learn something surprising or discover some cool music.

At the end of the week, you'll have seven responses to look back on.

Supplies ✍

You'll need :

  • A pen
  • Seven pieces of paper
  • Headphones / speakers

Music: Spotify account optional.
Public YouTube links also provided.

Accountability (bonus!)

At any point, you can respond to the emails.

On Day 4, I'll send you a bonus 🔥

Looking for a new perspective?
Feeling creatively blocked?

I'll reply to every message with encouragement!

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