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120: Recap (XII)

On reconciling process and outcome(s).

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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120: Recap (XII)

What impedes creative work?

Common obstacles :

In the last recap, I discussed the risks of empty success metrics and comparisons.

Afterwards, readers sent in some excellent replies. Thank you!

I wonder

Can one create freely and still "compete"?

I struggle with this question.

A friend shared this POV :

From my experience in BJJ competition: The closer you get to game day, you need to have a level of self-deluding confidence and belief in invincibility and unstoppable-ness. Creation-wise, you need to get to the point of believing your work is excellent, unassailable, must be in the world, will win over readers or viewers etc.

But once you’ve hit send or step up to the mat, you have to accept your preparation and work for what it was: Become divorced from the outcome, and take pride in your journey to the finished product.

If it wins, it wins. Regardless, onto the next.

Learn from the loss or build on the win (or winning elements).

I think you need strong self-belief and some amount of openness / calm detachment.

Both aspects are necessary.

But they exist in tension.

Is it possible to invest fully in a creative process while also remaining gently disconnected from any specific outcome?

Reply with thoughts!


Thanks for your replies :

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