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110: Recap (XI)

Reflections on growth and "scale".

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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110: Recap (XI)

In business school, everyone learns to show only charts that go up and to the right.

Growth is a sign of traction.
Progress. Momentum.
Product-market fit.

Recently, I noticed that the Fire Jar email list was shrinking.

My analytic-antlers turned up 🦌

Admittedly, a very small decline...

But it felt like a hit to the ego.

Why does it hurt to go "backwards"?

External validation is real

Like many, I struggle with imposter syndrome and decision fatigue.

I used to think that I might someday outgrow these things.

But I don't think they ever go away.

My reaction to the silly subscriber growth chart was a reminder that I still crave external validation. I seek structure in quantifiable metrics.

Arbitrary signposts that whisper :

Good work.
You're on the right track."

But this mindset also creates risks: Especially when a measure becomes the goal.

Last year, I wrote :

Each week, ~100 people visit

This number has remained fairly flat over time.

When it comes to publishing on the internet, this scale somehow feels small, embarrassing, and insignificant. 

By comparison: If I produced a live weekly show and ~100 friends showed up physically at a theater, I would be ecstatic.  🙌

In-person, this feels like huge support.
On the internet, it feels like a "failure".

100 people feels like a lot, in-person.

But relatively insignificant on the internet.

Why do these frames feel so different?

I'd love to hear from you :

Can you measure "progress" without metrics?

Thanks for the replies!

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