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070 - Recap (VII)

Reflections, at 70 weeks. And a baby!

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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070 - Recap (VII)

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I'm thrilled to announce that The Fire Jar has expanded its executive team.

Since Ep 60, we've hired a VP of Strategic Input-Output Operations and Assistant (to the) Regional Editor in Chief.


So far, the little guy has been caught napping repeatedly at his desk, wailing at odd hours, and taking the occasional bath in the office sink.

He's also tested the limits of our negotiation skills and my just-in-time diaper inventory management system (#Operations).

Shout out Stephanie.
And all moms / parents everywhere!
This aint easy.

I'm reflecting on

A weekly publishing schedule. As much as I enjoy noodling on design minutiae and editing, I want to make this practice sustainable. How do new parents preserve space and time for personal (and professional) projects?

Doubling down on collaborations. People responded positively to crowdsourced drawings, the reader mailbags, and this photo gallery. Please keep your replies and ideas coming! Feedback loops are vital.

I'm (still) figuring out what this is. Is The Fire Jar a macaroni art playground for a small circle of existing supporters? Could it someday fulfill a legible purpose in the broader "marketplace"? Should I intentionally narrow its focus? Or keep following my gut and trust in the power of emergence, over time?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Shape The Fire Jar :

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It's a general store, but it's also a very specific store... It's also not just a store. It's like a place where people can come and get coffee or drinks. But it's not a coffee shop, nor is it a bar. It's an environment. And yes, we will be selling things, but it's more like a branded immersive experience."

David Rose (Schitt's Creek) holds chin, deep in thought
The Rose Apothecary pitch

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