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072: Wrists and Hands

Six exercises for your wrists and hands.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
072: Wrists and Hands

Have you been typing a lot lately?
Carrying heavy bags of groceries?
Gripping a pen or pencil way too hard?

Here are five exercises that you can do - right now - for your wrists and hands.

[ 1-2 min ]

No equipment needed.

1. Joint articulations

Begin with some joint circles.
Move through a wide range of motion.

Explore, see what feels good.

2. Wrist circles

If you can take weight on your hands, try some wrist circles on the floor.

Engage through the index knuckles, pressing all parts of the hand into the ground. Circle the shoulders.

3. Forearm stretch

Sit back slowly into a forearm stretch.

Reminder: Add a small bend in your elbows, to avoid hyperextension. You should feel this in the inner forearm muscles (not in the joints).

Go slow. Stop if you feel any pain.

4. Wrist presses

Then, flip the hands over.

Press down on the backs of the wrists. Palms face up.
These can be intense - proceed slowly.

5. Finger presses

Try to actively lift the palms up and down, while keeping your four knuckles connected to the ground.

Modify difficulty by taking more/less weight via your shoulders.

As always, adapt as needed.

Questions? Suggestions?
Send me an email.


Give yourself an mini acupressure massage:

Grab the "meat" between the thumb and index finger.
Give it a firm squeeze.

Part II is live now:

142: Wrists and Hands (II)
Hands: Some advanced variations.

End with a few deep breaths.

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