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101: Season III

Aaaaand we're back.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
101: Season III

It's been four weeks since Fire Jar 100. I needed a break. But I also missed the weekly rhythms, rituals, and interactions.

I'm ready to pick things back up again.

Today marks the start of Season III!

Cue: Inspirational off-season training montage


Shot by Ray

The disconnect between knowing and doing

Something I think about, often = Intellectually, I know that certain things are good, healthy, positive, beneficial etc. But I still struggle to put this knowledge into practice. Why is this?

There's a difference between knowing that something is good for you, and being able to do that thing consistently.

Some examples 📃

  • I know I should drink more water, but end up drinking coffee instead
  • I know sleep is great for me, but "can't find the time" to nap / rest
  • I know I should put myself out there, but am afraid of rejection

Knowledge ≠ action.

Share your wisdom

Thanks for your replies!

103: Reader Mailbag (XI)
Your responses re: knowledge ≠ action.

Recent website updates

There's a new theme. And about page.

I also added some more categories 📂

Movement, prompts, creativity, business, mailbag etc.

Look around. See what catches the eye!


I found some old notebook sketches.
They're from ~20 years ago 📓

Part of my continuous line phase
[ ~2003 ]

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