006: Ten Movements

Pilot Eps Feb 3, 2020

Here are ten quick things you can do to move / feel better.  

Minimal (or no) equipment required.

First, some assumptions:

  • Humans have evolved to move
  • Most of us sit in front of screens
  • Mind and body are connected

Our culture views self-care as a “luxury”.
I disagree. We only get one body.

Below are some movements that work well for me (please talk to a doctor before starting your own exercise routine).

Foam rolling:

  • The budget way to get a daily massage
  • Roll out the 'meat' of muscles (IT band, quads, lats, back, pecs)
  • When you find knots, pause and breathe

Joint circles:

  • 5-10 easy circles (in each direction) at every joint
  • Move gently - should feel totally comfortable
  • Mentally scan the body

Foot rolling:

  • Foot roller best, lacrosse/golf balls ok too
  • Roll out arch, wherever feels good
  • Great to do in the AM, before bed


  • Active: Pull shoulder blades down your back, engage abs
  • Passive: Relax shoulders, keep core engaged (don't arch low back)
  • Vary wrist position, gradually increase duration

Warrior III (variation):

  • Hips are squared to ground
  • Micro-bend standing knee
  • Hold ankle to add a quad-stretch

Calf stretch:

  • Start in pyramid pose: Square hips, fold forward
  • Actively lift front toes up and down (slowly)
  • If needed, hold onto a wall/chair instead


  • Back: Chest up, square hips, align front knee over ankle
  • Side: In low 'horse stance', shift hips to each side - knees and ankles tracking in same direction


  • Helps me 'reset' and awaken the body
  • Best combined with a good song 🎵

Relax your low back:

  • Lay on the ground, pull one/two knees into your chest
  • Slowly release your low back towards the ground

Deep breathing:

  • Make the exhale slightly longer than the inhale
  • Breathe slowly through nose (10-20x)
  • Release tension in the face (mouth, forehead, eyes)

Do a minute of each and finish all in ~ten minutes, or pick a few. Everyone's body, space and movement preferences are unique.

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