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123: AI Art Gallery

10 drawings, remixed by DALL-E 2 🤖

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
123: AI Art Gallery

Here are ten of my original drawings.

Directly next to them are their corresponding machine-generated variations, after I fed them into an AI image generation tool (DALL•E 2).

Can you tell which are human-made?

1/ Falling Cats

2/ Battlestar Galactica

3/ A Knight

4/ Inbox

5/ Meditation

6/ Easel

7/ Low-poly Mountains

8/ Camels

9/ Subway Scene

10/ Turtle

From New Year

Quick thoughts

The underlying technology here is incredibly powerful. And I've barely even scratched the surface re: DALL-E's natural language input capabilities (generating images purely from text descriptions). These emerging AI design tools will only get better, fast.

And yet, a part of me feels trepidation.

According to basically every sci-fi TV show, we should proceed carefully.

I am simultaneously excited, concerned, and curious as to how this will shake out.

What do you think?

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