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137: Four Senses

Paying attention to your attention.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
2 min read
137: Four Senses

A few months back, I received an intriguing reply to Past-Present-Future :

I tend to view "remembering the past" or "planning for the future" as forms of time travelling in your mind.

In either case, they're draining on cognitive resources.

The reader then suggested an exercise.

To draw yourself into the present moment, try to name the Four S's.

▷ One Smell
▷ Two Sensations
▷ Three Sounds
▷ Four Sights

Give it a try!

Take some deep breaths.
And notice some of the Four S's.

You can do this in your mind, or out loud.

Advanced variations

Switch up the order of the senses.

Or keep naming sensations until you run out.


The original post :

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