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136: Movement Framework

A simple model for exercise / fitness.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
3 min read
136: Movement Framework

I borrowed this framework from a friend.

It's a helpful way to break down your physical practice into a few tangible areas.

For strength, work hard.
For cardio, work easy.
For flexibility, work curiously.
For skill, work frequently.

How to tie them all together?
Consistency 🗓️

There are tons of caveats and exceptions, of course. But I appreciate its simplicity and elegance.

For me, these are helpful reminders.

Credit to Jeremy Fein for the idea.

Invitation : Take 30 seconds to reflect on your training approach.


Are you working hard?
Are you working easy?
Are you working curiously?
Are you working frequently?

How might your practice serve you better?

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