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040: Recap (IV)

Reflections, at 40 weeks.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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040: Recap (IV)
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30 weeks
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The last nine 👇

Today, you'll write (and hide) a letter to yourself.

A conversation with my Grandmother.

Where might we go backwards to make progress?

I got some great replies to Episode 33.

"I should take better care of our plants..."
A conversation I had with my friend.
I wish someone had told me this sooner.
What would happen if you tied a piece of buttered toast to a cat and dropped it from height?
A useful bodyweight movement.

What's On Deck?

More comics, interviews, videos, mobility tutorials. A more business-y "mini MBA" series. And another email course (similar to the self-care series).

Suggestions? Want to collaborate?
Let me know!

How You Can Help

People often ask: "Is this a blog? What is this?"

I know why The Fire Jar exists.
But still don't know how to describe it 🤔

I'm hoping you can help me out:
Share your "elevator pitch"
( 30 sec survey )

Closing Thoughts

The nights grow cooler. The pandemic era persists. Fatigue is setting in.

Some days, I wake up and put one foot in front of the other. Other times, I think: Should we be freaking out more? I tend to land on different answers, depending on the day.

Recently, a friend told me:

The thing I always try to remember is - nothing is as good as it seems or as bad as it seems. Either when it comes to the state of the world or my self."

Drop me a note, anytime.


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