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030: Recap (III)

Reflections, at 30 weeks.

Jeremy Finch
Jeremy Finch
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030: Recap (III)
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Part of the early vision was to make all Fire Jar posts timeless. Short-form and "evergreen". Not tied to events of the day.

Recent months have called this model into question.

I've tried to build a curated playground of usefulness and positivity: Comics, comedy, poems, acrobatics, creativity, mental models, and mini-courses. You’ve shared useful guidance and feedback along the way. Thank you.

In today's recap, I'll share some thoughts and ask for your input.

Opening The Jar

I am currently wrestling with three tensions:

  • Be more topical? Or timeless?
  • Include more of myself? Or less?
  • Narrowly focus on specific topics? Or embrace a wide variety?

Alas, I can't simply ask you what to do.
But a few themes are emerging.

Two topics that I am passionate about:  

  • Art
  • Movement

Tending to our bodies. And healthy outlets for authentic expression. These things are nourishing, vital, and underrated.

I want to help more people smile, move, reflect, brainstorm, play, imagine, express, connect, start, and inspire curiosity within themselves. Invest in creativity and fitness. Individually, and together. Via broadcast, collaboration, and open-ended conversation.

Art and movement are how I engage and refuel. When I’m in-motion or making things, I'm the best version of me. My mind clears, and time (briefly) stands still.  

Maybe you can relate?

Stoking the Fire

If you like what’s happening here, there are a few ways to pitch in:

  • Fill out this short survey (closed). Your input will keep me focused and motivated over the next 30 episodes.

Or, send ideas to

  • Know someone who might enjoy this? Send them your favorite post! I hope to reach a wider audience.
  • Want to collaborate? Let's chat.

Next, I plan to create some mini-courses, incorporate more audio, and talk about handstands and MBA programs. Along the way, I'll try to keep reflecting your interests.  

Closing Thoughts

The pandemic era has been disorienting.
Time seems compressed and accelerated.

I'm trying to process the last 100+ days and figure out my lane.

Some thoughts:

  • Crises reveal fragile systems and institutions
  • Racism and discrimination cannot be tolerated
  • We need better models for healthcare, education, work, voting, technology, and economic policy (among many other things)
Learn and un-learn

It is time to engage with reality.
Cast off dysfunctional, cynical leadership.
Unwind old systems of oppression.
Develop a vision of human flourishing.

Somewhere in this (massive) effort, I think art and movement will play a role.

Thanks for reading.

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